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Voter Education

Being elected to a statewide office, it is important that we utilize various avenues available to help educate the voting population of Kentucky to the dangers McConnell poses to our greater democracy in his current role as Senate Majority Leader. Like it or not, voters in Kentucky have continued to elect McConnell to the US Senate 5 times since 1984.

With the power of online advertising, we can target voters in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and inform them of the danger that a vote for McConnell presents. We will be able to dial in our message depending on platform and region in order to have the most effect on the individual voter. In addition to online advertisements, we also plan on utilizing “old” media advertising by erecting billboards across the freeways and turnpikes of Kentucky as well as by using television and radio advertising.

While we do plan on being critical of McConnell in our voter education efforts, we also want to shine a light on the positives that a vote for a different candidate can present. Without directly funding Amy McGrath, we are able to put out our own independent material which would highlight her qualities and present her as the choice for a better Kentucky and a better America.

Registration Drive

Key to preventing McConnell from being re-elected in 2020 is ensuring that the voter base is as wide as possible. Not only is it important to have as high a ratio of citizens to voters in a healthy democracy, but by bringing more voters into the fold, we have the chance to put the numbers in our favor.

It will be important for us to be registering voters as they reach the age of 18. We would aim to have registration drives at high school football games to ensure we can register as many people as possible before the election. We will be able to reach high school students who are freshly 18, and other members of the community who might still need to register.

Not only will we be targeting new voters, but also disenfranchised voters. We will need to reach out to populations in areas where voting might not be as readily accessible, or to people who might not have ever through their vote mattered.

Encourage Participation

Equally as important as ensuring the voting population is as wide as possible is making sure as many as possible make it to the polls on election day. It is widely believed that Democratic candidates for office benefit from higher voter turnout. McConnell has a record of hostility towards efforts aimed at increasing voter turnout, going so far as to admit that if people had the day off to vote on election day it would help Democrats and hurt Republicans at the polls. Not only will increasing voter turnout make McConnell’s fears come true, it is also very important to strengthen and heal our Democracy.

In order to get people to the polls on election day, we will provide services linking voters with their polling locations. This will be important to bring people to the polls who might not otherwise have gone for lack of transportation.

We will also be encouraging our supporters in Kentucky to make plans to bring at least one other person with them to the polls on election day. We will also provide services on election day to ensure everyone who wants to vote in Kentucky, has the tools and knowledge to do so. We will help fight to make sure no voter who wants to vote is turned away at the polls.