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Who We Are

Our Founding

We were founded in 2019 by a group of concerned citizens looking tired of feeling powerless. We grew tired of watching and waiting as our long protected democracy was being picked apart by those whom we entrusted to protect it. As a result we have decided to fight fire with fire and decided to begin using one of the tools that is allowing our system of government to fall apart, a Super PAC.

By forming a Super PAC, we are harnessing the power of one of the tools being used to dismantle our democracy. The Supreme Court Ruling in Citizens United v. FEC allows for the raising and spending of unlimited amounts of money, so long as it is not coordinated with a political campaign. This ruling has allowed for some shady money to come into politics, and Mitch McConnell has been one of the cheerleaders for it.

The 45th Presidential Administration has made it abundantly clear that we now live in an age where we have to use all the tools at our disposal. While the current threats to our Democracy live on, we need to use these tools against the bad faith actors who have been harnessing their power for destruction. It is only fitting that we should employ the tool of the Super PAC. The Super PAC allows us to stand on a Soap Box and advocate for candidates at the Ballot Box who will protect our Democracy from interference. If we are afraid to harness the power of the Super PAC to check 2 of the 4 boxes of liberty, we may quickly find our only way to protect Democracy is with the fourth box.

The Mission

We aim to ensure that Democracy lives on in the United States despite the best efforts of bad faith political actors. Our current goal in the 2020 Election Cycle is to prevent Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) from winning his re-election campaign.

McConnell has been a threat to our democracy long before the 45th Presidential Administration, and while we feel the President currently poses a larger threat, someone needs to be taking on McConnell. As long as McConnell is in office he poses a fundamental threat to our democracy. He will stop at nothing to advance his goals of self enrichment, so we must also be ruthless in our quest to prevent his re-election by all means necessary.

Our Team

Alexander Paver

Treasurer and Director

Alexander is a Graduate of Michigan State University with a B.S. in History. He has intimately studied the 20th century, and has become familiar with situations that can lead to the dismantling of democracies. After traveling the United States in the lead up to and aftermath of the 2016 Presidential Election, Alexander has a unique perspective to the lead up of the 45th Presidential Administration and what will resonate with everyday people to protect Democracy.

In addition to being a student of History, Alexander has a unique background in political communication. While a student at MSU, Alexander created, produced, and wrote The Beaumont Bulletin, a show dealing with issues on campus in a satirical format, making mundane issues more accessible and relatable to the student body. Alexander hopes to harness this experience for the benefit of preserving our Democratic society.

Alexander feels compelled to employ his unique perspective to help protect our Democracy. Instead of standing by while the world turned, Alexander decided to reach for the steering wheel and try to move us in a better direction.

Integrity through Transparency

We are all in this together. That is why it is important that Citizens Defending Democracy make itself as transparent as possible. All of our filings can be found on the Federal Election Commission website. You will be able to see reports on the money we raise, and how we spend it. If you have any question for us at all, please reach out to us through our Contact Us page, or by sending an email to our team.