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Why Ditch Mitch?

Abuse of Power

Mitch McConnell has been spearheading an assault on our democracy with unconstitutional power. As Senate Majority Leader, he singlehandedly has the power to determine which bills come to vote on the floor of the senate. This gives him effective veto power over legislation coming from the House of Representatives.

The position of Senate Majority Leader has only been around since the 1920’s. It is a position that has not been defined by the constitution, but had arisen out of a need to have a representative speak for each of the political parties in the Senate.

He gleefully abuses his power as Majority Leader, embracing the nickname “Grim Reaper“, given to him due to the amount of legislation that has died on his desk alone. While the Senate was designed to get past partisan bickering and allow for thorough discussion of pending legislation, McConnell has ensured the exact opposite happens. Legislation is killed on partisan grounds, and is thusly never given the chance to be debated in the Senate as intended.

Hypocrite on Justice

As Senate Majority Leader, McConnell has abused his power in a way that threatens the very nature of our democracy. He has prevented the Senate from moving forward on the nomination of Merrick Garland to the US Supreme Court for his own partisan reasons. He kept the seat empty for the remainder of Barack Obama’s presidency, promptly filling it when the 45th Presidential Administration began.

At the time, McConnell fell back on the excuse of “Principle” for why he was blocking Democratic nominee from the Supreme Court. However, while there is a Republican in office during the 45th Presidential Administration, McConnell is on the record saying he would fill a Supreme Court vacancy in the last year of the first term of the 45th President. Wielding power not granted to him by the Constitution, McConnell hypocritically stacks the Supreme Court in his favor.

Promotes Election Interference

Leading up to the 2016 election, the US Intelligence Community became aware of potential Russian interference in the presidential election with the goal of electing the Republican who would become the 45th President. President Obama, attempted to get bipartisan support from Congress to publicly denounce Russia and try to alert the public to potential interference. However, McConnell attempted to keep this information from going public and potentially damaging the Republican position in the 2016 election. He doubted the intelligence communities findings and told President Obama that he would consider any attempt publicly denounce the Russians on election interference an act of “partisan politics“. This effectively killed any attempt to alert the public of the election interference and allowed it to continue unchecked.

Even after the election of the 45th US President, McConnell has notoriously used his powers not granted to him by the constitution as Senate Majority Leader to prevent legislation aimed at beefing up election security from becoming debated on the Senate floor. While he may claim that he is leaving it up to the states to run their elections, he is allowing an international threat to continue to run interference on our elections in favor of McConnell’s Republican Party, earning him the nickname #MoscowMitch